Future Professionals Programme

The Pendleton Future Professionals’ Programme has been designed by specialist staff with extensive industry experience. These elite programmes of study provide an enhanced level of opportunity to challenge students academically and develop their essential professional skills. 

At Pendleton Sixth Form College we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to excel. We actively encourage our students to nurture their high aspirations and we will support them in developing the skills they require to compete within the most prestigious professions. 

Progression to Russel Group Universities is becoming increasingly challenging for students. To be successful, our students need to be able to demonstrate a range of employability skills and experiences that can set them apart from other candidates. To ensure our students have the very best chance of success, we have developed an innovative programme which will equip them to compete with the most elite and prepare them to be true professionals. 

How does it work?

Pendleton Future Professionals’  Programme is delivered in addition to A-level subjects on the directed study day each week. Students will be assigned one or more specialist teachers and will receive a day of targeted support per week. Students will also complete additional qualifications, take part in specialised activities, apply for work placements, enter competitions and be considered for scholarships. There are several pathways to choose from, depending on their career ambitions. Due to the prestigious nature of the programme, places are limited. 

How to apply

Students who would like to apply for a place on one of our programmes will need to discuss this during their admissions interview. The admissions officer will discuss their subject choices and career options to ensure that they are making the right A-level choices to make the best next steps towards their chosen profession. They will then be interviewed separately, complete an assessment and will be required to bring a copy of their most recent school report. 

Future Creatives 

Students will need to be studying at least two of the following A-level subjects to be considered: 

Art | Photography | Product Design | Graphic Design | Textiles | Maths | Media | Drama | Dance 

Students who join this initiative will be able to complete both the sliver and gold arts awards over the course of 12-18 months. Students will meet weekly for a 3-hour led session and can also expect to undertake independent work alongside visits, arts events and workshops and visiting practitioners. This initiative provides two separate pathways mapped against the two creative departments at Pendleton:

Performing and Production Arts:

  • Workshops on a range of practical skills including, breathing and voice control, interpreting text, developing character, physical theatre skills, directing and writing, set design, poetry and verse speaking
  • Share your skills with others, lead workshops, seminars and debates within college
  • Developing a new skill such as verse speaking or learning about the backstage team in a theatre
  • Organise your own project – this could be organising a performance event, poetry reading, concerts, recitals or a debate

Art & Design:

  • Research and recording using drawing and photography
  • Life drawing to enhance portfolio content
  • Image making (traditional and digital) – ideas and design concepts
  • Guest speakers and workshops from visiting artists and designers
  • Graphical content including printmaking
  • 3D construction techniques