6th May 2015

Salford based cheerleading squad Fever Elite are heading to the European Championships in Croatia after taking first place in the Nationals in Manchester. Fever Elite’s two teams- the Seniors (professionals) and Masters (over 25s) are coached by Aaron Simmonds (pictured above, centre), a former Musical Theatre and Dance student at Salford City College’s Pendleton Sixth Form Centre. Many other former performing arts students from Salford City College are also part of the squad.

Fever Elite

Taking place in Zadar on June 27th and 28th, the championships will see the best cheerleading and dance teams from around Europe compete for the ultimate trophy. Led by Aaron, both teams have become renowned in the cheer community for their unique choreography and impeccable timing which blows the judges away at every competition.

Taking part in the championships will cost the community group in excess of £10,000 for all members to compete. The Masters team have been luckily enough to be fully sponsored by Partnerships in Care, so one Fever Elite team are definitely competing in the European Cheerleading Championships. However, the clock is ticking for the Seniors to gain a sponsor or reach their ambitious fundraising goal.

Aaron Simmonds, Fever Elite coach said, “It’s amazing that the Masters team have been kindly sponsored, but it would be devastating for the Seniors to watch the Masters compete in the European Championships without them. They both work hard and deserve the same opportunity, so we’re doing all we can to make sure the whole Fever Family make it to Croatia – even though they may have to part fund the trip themselves.”

He added, “We’re really excited to show the whole of Europe what we can do, and we’ve earned that chance. I really hope Fever Elite can make it to Croatia to represent the UK and bring home the trophy for Salford.”

Aaron, 25, is also trained as a make-up artist and does all the cheerleaders’ make-up for the competitions. He juggles a full time retail management job with coaching two cheerleading teams without any financial gain.

To find out more about Fever Elite, please click here to view the squad’s Facebook page. To make a donation towards getting Fever Elite to Croatia for the Championships, please click here.